NANO CIC “Completely In Canal” Recharge Hearing Aids


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NANO CIC “Completely In Canal” Recharge Hearing Aids



It takes the average person nearly SEVEN YEARS before they take action on their hearing loss. During that time  the ability to understand is diminished. No wonder hearing loss is often mistaken for dementia in older people!
Take action now! Our CIC Recharge Hearing Aid is nearly invisible and costs up to 85% less than traditional hearing aids.

A great hearing aid!

 “I have used hearing aids for years using top of the line from Beltone. My Nano aids middle of the road aids far surpass my old $5,000 aids. My cost? Just $69.99 Congratulations Nano you hit a home run!”
~ Al Fiegel.  


With new the CIC, you can now change power and volume via a simple button. Press and hold to turn on, press and hold to turn off. Quick press to cycle through the volume settings. It couldn’t be easier!


Take the hearing aids out of the charging case and pop them in your ears. Use the simple push button to turn them on and adjust the volume. That’s it! Easy to charge, easy to use – every day.


No one needs to know you are wearing hearing aids. They discreetly rest in your ears, with 3 domes sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


Complete with convenient portable charging case, you can recharge your aids over and over for up to 60 hours, leaving you free from stress, never having to worry about finding power.


Two fully functional devices (left and right ear)

One charging base

Charging plug and USB chords

Extra Ear Domes and tubes

Cleaning accessories

Directions manual

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