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Looking for a calming & comfortable cat cave for your cat¬†ūüźą¬†?

Reduces your cat's anxiety

Numerous animal health studies have shown that our Pleasant Soothing Cushion significantly reduces anxiety in cats.

This is because the raised edges of the cushion create a sense of security by activating the nervous system in a virtuous way.

Your pet calms down more quickly, relaxes more easily and sleeps more soundly.

Improves sleep and health

With the raised edges of the cushion, your pet feels safe and falls asleep with a slow and steady heartbeat while being as calm and relaxed as possible.

It reduces stress on the heart and brain, allowing your pet to live a long and healthy life!

Premium Comfort 

For optimal comfort, our beautiful round cushion is made from ultra-soft vegan fur just like the baby blankets to ensure unparalleled comfort.

A real cocoon of well-being for your feline or canine that will ensure him/her privileged moments of rest.

It's the perfect gift for your pet!

Easy to wash

Easy to care for, our ultra soft and plush dog and cat bed is machine washable on a gentle cycle or tumble dry on low heat.

If you wish, you can also wash it by hand.

If you are putting our cushion in the washing machine, the Animal Lovers team recommends that you wash it at 30 degrees at a maximum of 600 rpm.

Our dog and cat cushion is suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs.

Our dog and cat soothing basket is non-toxic and will not irritate your pets' fur or skin.

It is also collapsible and you can put it in a carrier bag, crate or travel bag to take it from one place to another.

Our anti-stress dog and cat cushion is also bite and scratch resistant thanks to its high quality stitching. Its filling remains well protected.
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