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How well do you think your cat is hydrated?

You probably don't have the answer. In fact, your cat needs to drink between 50 and 75 milliliters of water every day.

This is a well-being reflex for him and even a preventive gesture against many diseases, urinary problems and cystitis in particular. Unfortunately, despite our good will, most of us pet owners do not do what is necessary to ensure that our beloved cats are sufficiently hydrated.

But it's not all your fault, because by nature, cats rarely go to their water bowls spontaneously. Have you ever seen your cat drinking from the tap or in your toilet? The reason is simple: they prefer mobile and oxygenated water rather than the stagnant water of their bowl.

What if we told you that we had the solution for your cat to be always well hydrated and healthy?

We've created a water fountain that encourages your cat to drink. And it will even be a decorative object in your home. The water in the cat water fountain is constantly oxygenated. Therefore, it appears fresher than the water that is "stagnant" in the bowl.

By default, your cat's water fountain comes with one activated 4 layers carbon filter to clean the water of any impurities of your tap water like your cat's hair.

You can also opt for an optional proximity sensor that activates the fountain's pump as soon as your cat approaches. In addition to saving energy, you can give the filters an extra life span as it don't have to filter 24/7.

Indeed, thanks to the proximity sensor, the life of an activated carbon filter increases from one to three months.


 It allows your cat to always be hydrated
 Low-energy silent fountain
 Large capacity tank
 High quality food grade material

What is inside the box?

  • Your cat water fountain
  • The user's manual
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 Electric Water Pump
  • 1 or 3 Carbon activated filter
  • (optionnal) 1 pet proximity sensor

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