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This fingerprint lock is suitable for all kinds of doors. Easy for you to install within 1 minute. We take advantage of our previous experience to make it easier, more convenient and user-friendly. 

6 Reasons Why You will Love Our Fingerprint lock

  • Simple Installation: No cord and no professional are needed. It fits most doors that uses lever door lock and is applicable to both left and right handle.
  • Easy Operation: You can not only unlock the door with your fingerprint or the code you set, but also can open the door with APP, very smart and convenient.
  • Indubitable Safety: Your fingerprint is unique in the world, which guarantee the safety without doubt. 
  • One-step Accessing: Ergonomic design, easy for you to unlock the door within 1 second by putting your fingerprint on it. It will lock for you automatically, keeping you and your home security all the time.
  • Energy-saving Design: No more worry about pollution or wasting money. With built-in lithium battery, it can be used for a year after being fully charged for 30 minutes.
  • Versatile Lock: Meeting the standards of most lever lock, equipped with a bag of screws and a latch (60mm), you can fix it on your door which the thickness of the door is 35-55mm

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