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Looking to Wake up and plan your day ahead with a LED Digital Clock?

For the first time and exclusively at Pellck. Discover LED Digital Wall Clock: Our LED Digital Wall Clock is a fully functional wall clock that can also become an interesting room accessory

Specifications 👇

  • Display: digital
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 23.5*9.3*3.8cm

3 Reasons Why You will Love LED Digital Wall Clock

  • Night mode: The clock will automatically lower the LED brightness in night mode, press MODE twice to enter night mode.
    Press MODE to turn night mode on/off.

  • A QUIET SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT & LUMINOUS FUNCTION :Unlike a Mechanical alarm clock that keeps ticking, affecting the quality of your sleep. Our LED clock is quiet, allowing you to get rid of the noise of the night and sleep peacefully.

  • 3-Level Brightness: This LED alarm clock adopts a highly sensitive photosensitive sensor, which can automatically adjust the display brightness according to the brightness of the environment.

    Or you also have the option to manually set the Bright-Medium-Dim 3-level brightness, better for your eyes and more environmentally friendly.

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