Melissa - Orthopedic Wedge Sandals

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Did you know? Approximately 76% of women report wearing uncomfortable shoes for most of the week. This leads to serious joint and back injuries that only get worse over time.

Finally, Melissa™ has a solution for you.
Quality and attention to detail are our hallmarks.


Our sandals combine comfort and versatility like no other.

Most sandals have almost no sole and give you that uncomfortable feeling of your foot on the ground. Melissa is different: its sole is 3 centimeters high, making it the most comfortable sandal on the market.

But that's not all. With their enviable and always fashionable look, our sandals will make you look good for any occasion.


Thanks to their light weight and high quality materials, they offer the most comfort possible and keep your feet cool all day long.

 Get ahead of the game and be the first among your friends to own a pair, and expect the most spontaneous reaction at the sight of these sandals: "but they're gorgeous, where did you get them?"

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