Milk Brother - Adjustable Speed with LCD Screen

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Ourelectric milk frothers are an alternative to the traditional bamboo whisk. These accessories allow you to mix your matcha hot or cold, depending on the temperature you prefer, and to obtain a nice foam.

An electric milk frother is a versatile device, with easy use and maintenance, allowing you to prepare matcha tea directly in a cup, or in a carafe to serve several people.

You can use your milk frother to make water matchas or matcha lattes in seconds. It works perfectly for a cold drink as well as for a warm and comforting one.

Maintenance is simple and cleaning is easy. Simply rinse your whisk by hand, without running the mechanism and knob under water with a little dishwashing liquid (not dishwasher safe). Its nice stand allows you to dry it head down, and avoid that water gets into the mechanism.

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