Smart Ankle Massager Brace Electric Vibration Hot Air Compress Massage Foot Relax

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Smart Ankle Brace Treatments Ankle Foot Massager Air Compression Electric Vibration Foot Pain Relief

1.Intelligent air pressure massage can effectively relax the muscle and nerves on acupuncture points around your foot to relieve muscle fatigue and pain.
2.Soothing constant temperature hot compression function can speed up blood circulation, also can help warm your foot for improved comfort.
3.High frequency vibration massage can effectively activate skin cells metabolism to relieve the discomfort of your ankle and foot for strengthened health.
4.Simple button control allows you to switch vibration modes, increase heating temperature and adjust air pressure intensity according to your demands.
5.Comes with a USB cable which can support 3 power supply methods: one is to connect to a 5V/2A power bank with unlimited capacity, one is to connect to a 5V/2A adapter to plug in, and another is to connect a 5V/2A car interface.
6.Suitable for people who suffer from foot pain and discomfort, such as a sprain, swelling ankle, sore feet and muscle tiredness caused by long time standing or walking.

Condition: 100% High Quality and Brand New
Material: ABS + Cloth
Color: Black & Grey
Power: 10W
Heating Temperature: 40℃~60℃
Air Pressure Intensity: Soft, Strong
Vibration Mode: Interval Vibration, Pulse Vibration, Steady Vibration
Timer: 15MIN
Extension Cable Length: 1.2M
Size: Approx. 33*25*2.5cm

1)Be careful to use the highest heating for a long time to avoid hurting your skin.
2)It is prohibited to use the product when sleeping.
3)Please wipe the surface of the product. Do not immerse the product in water to clean.
4)Not suitable for people:
skin with thermal allergies;
unable to take care of themselves;
Doctor warning.

Package Included:
1* Ankle Massager
1* Extension Cable
1* User Manual

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