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Imagine the days you wake feeling sharp, fresh, and energetic... Doesn't that sound good?

In reality, the majority of people still wake up feeling fatigued and dehydrated. Nothing is worse than waking up with crusty eyes, dry throat, and dry skin. If you are one of those people, we've got a solution for you.

You have never seen a humidifier quite like this. 

Easily transform the dry, stale air in your house into a cool, moist, and overall friendly environment within seconds. Dry air causes dry skin, sore throats, even hair loss. Our portable humidifier can be taken with you in a bag or purse and be used in places such as cars, offices, airports, and hotels. An essential for someone who travels.

UPDATE: Due to high demand, we’re officially limited on supply. Make sure to place your order promptly.

  • Skin Care: Dry skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles, and it often seems unavoidable in dry environments. Use this humidifier to change that; add as much moisture to your air as you want, and keep your skin well-moisturized!
  • Easy To Use: This humidifier suits many types of containers, toss it into any water container, water bottle, bowl, or mug, connect it to any USB port and it is ready to go.
  • Safety Automatic Shut-off: The humidifier will shut itself off if the water dries up.
  • Anti-leakage Design: When fitting into a water bottle, the humidifier serves as the cap of the bottle that will prevent it from spill and leak.
  • Zero-noise Design: The unit makes no noise while working, a no disturb guarantee while you focus on your study, work, etc.
  • Aromatherapy: Prepare essential oil in a container, use the humidifier as normal and enjoy the pleasant experience of personal aromatherapy alone.
  • Length Adjustable: The tubes can be assembled into different lengths, fulfilling different needs on different occasions. 


Other Humidifiers are too big to carry and make too much noise. With our Portable Travel Humidifier, you could get the Ultimate Solution!

The tubes at the bottom can be split and assembled to meet the humidification requirements of different environments and different bottles

More Features:

  • Travel Humidifier - It can be placed in any container and easy to use. This can be carried with you and doesn’t occupy the place. The portable humidifier is suitable for home, office, car, hotel, dorm, camping and outdoor. It will work anywhere you can plug in a USB for added on-the-go convenience.
  • Adjustable the Length - Portable cool mister humidifier, desk humidifier, travel humidifier, office humidifier, mini humidifier. Use it your way with its adjustable length. Flexible design allows you to take it wherever you go. It can easily fit in purses, backpacks, and suitcases.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier - The amount of spray is very large, reaching 35ml/h, which can quickly reach the relative humidity requirement. It will not mist the whole room. It is suitable for a largish room, living room, bedroom, car, baby room, dorm, etc.
  • Quiet Humidifier - The quiet diffuser adopts ultrasonic technology, it is extremely quiet while working or sleeping and won't bring any disturbance to you. It keeps the humidity of the air quietly for you, whether you are at work or while you sleep.
  • Health Humidify - This diffuser can effectively improve the dry air, adds moisture to the air, relieve the inconvenience caused by drying. While you’re on the road by using it. Sit back, relax and turn your car into a stress-free, peaceful place to enjoy. Ideal for your family, friends, and lovers.


Package includes:

  • Humidifier*
  • USB cable*
  • Long tube*
  • Short tube*


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